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Honeymoon Tea-Celebrating Hearts-Red Wine Infused/Berry

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Celebrating Hearts™

Celebrating Hearts offers a fun and delicious way for newlyweds (or wine lovers) to enjoy the flavors of wine while sipping tea too. The honeymoon for the happy couple can commence with an invigorating, red wine infused cup of tea. Their future begins together, one cup at a time. Makes a unique and thoughtful shower or wedding gift!

Characteristics: A smooth red wine with bright aromatics of blackberry, black currant and a touch of sage is combined with black tea leaves to create this unique red wine infused cup of joy. (no alcohol content)

Net weight 1.9 oz., Makes up to 40 servings.

For more details about different types of teas and their benefits, visit our "Tea Overview" page.

This product has the following certification: USDA Organic. For a description of each certification, see the "Our Story" page.

Our teas are crafted and packaged in the USA!

Because we currently do not use kosher wines to make this tea it cannot be certified kosher.

Organic ingredients:  black Ceylon tea, red wine, safflower, berry flavor (no alcohol content)


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