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Organic Red Rooibos Value Pack

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Tega Red Rooibos Value Pack is premium quality Rooibos tea at a value price. Each box contains 2 x 20 tea bags sealed in a silver pouch. Tega Organic Rooibos tea is fair trade and organic certified. Red Rooibos is the traditional fermented variety of the Rooibos plant. Once harvested, the leaves are laid out on drying pads where the tea is fermented in the sun. While known for its calming properties, Tega Organic Red Rooibos has a smooth rich full flavour.

Red Value Pack

Size 100g 40 Teabags
Origin South Africa
Caffeine Naturally Caffeine Free
Ingredients Organic Rooibos
Certification Organic, Fairtrade, Kosher
Brewing Time 3-4 Mins


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